A Volvo S60 is performance compact sedan design. It comes with turbocharged or supercharged engines with front-wheel or all-wheel drive to deliver spirited ride. There are also two plug-in hybrid engine options, the T8 and the Polestar Engineered T8. These two engines offer better performance with better fuel economy. You can drive for more than 15 miles on electric only as you wait to refill the gas.

The base engine, the B5, offers enough power to rival the competitors. However, it is the supercharged T6 engine that removes the lag and gives the Volvo S60 better acceleration. The eight-speed automatic transmission comes with paddle shifters for seamless performance. When driving, the electric steering offers great comfort, whether you drive in a straight line or around turns. The vehicle’s dynamic mode may make the steering heavier, but your Volvo S60 remains steady at all times. Its all-wheel drive system ensures stability on slippery conditions.


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