While other car manufacturers stop at performance, Volvo goes all the way to offer the drivers and passengers a pleasurable driving experience by fitting its vehicles with the best quality sound systems. The luxury Volvo sedans and SUVs come fitted with some of the world's finest sound systems that are used in recording studios around the world.

The Volvo XC90 is among the most comfortable Volvo SUVs that are designed with an ambient interior. The XC90’s new infotainment system sets it apart from its peers with premium sound quality and well-balanced seven speakers and tweeters inside the cabin. Driving the XC90 is enjoyable since it offers a quiet ride with a crisp sound system that keeps the occupants entertained all the way.

Volvo XC90’s comes fitted with high performance and low distortion speaker design technology to complement the ambient interior design of the SUV. This makes the XC90 an ideal family-friendly vehicle for long-distance trips and adventure.


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