Ozone Car Treatment

Now and perhaps more than ever before, driving a car with fresh, sanitized air can have several benefits for both your health and driving enjoyment. Whether you're looking to protect your loved ones or simply eliminate harsh odors and contaminants from your interior -- Volvo Cars Cincinnati East is proud to introduce Sanity Systems Ozone Sanitization Service. Using harmless and all-natural ozone, you can have your vehicle smelling fresh like the day it was brand new. Thinking that you'll have to spend a fortune to enjoy clean air inside your vehicle? Guess again! For only $79.95 -- you can experience the peace of mind and enjoyment from a sanitized vehicle today!

How Ozone Sanitization Works

Ozone is a natural gas composed of three molecules of oxygen present in the stratosphere. Due to its oxidative properties, ozone is effective in the removal of pathogen agents from air and water, such as germs, bacteria, viruses, molds, spores, and yeasts by disintegrating their molecular structure.

Whether it's bacteria, fungus, molds, animal fur, food odors, chemical smells, or cigarette smoke -- ozone is the perfect solution for sanitizing your vehicle's interior. Ozone attacks and eliminates harmful substances within your vehicle's headliner, upholstery, touch surfaces, and HVAC system.

How Ozone Sanitization Works
Volvo S90 Interior

Benefits of Ozone Sanitization

Safe & All-Natural

Unlike other products that are filled with harmful and even potentially toxic chemicals, Sanity Ozone Sanitization is 100% natural and safe for you and your loved ones.

Highly Effective

Ozone kills more than 99% of germs and bacteria present in the interior of your vehicle, making it the best solution for eliminating odors. You'll enjoy enhanced health benefits and fresh air on your daily drive.


Instead of wasting time and money on gimmicks or expensive chemical alternatives, Sanity Systems Ozone Sanitization is available for ONLY $79.95 -- an outstanding value!