Volvo Increased Protection (VIP) Plans

Volvo Increased Protection

When you buy a Volvo, you want to be able to drive it for years without worrying about repair bills.  With Volvo Increased Protection (VIP) plans you can extend the peace of mind of your standard warranty for additional years.

The new car plan, VIP Custom, is a fully customizable extended service contract program, in which the contract can be configured to suit your needs. You choose the term and the mileage that best fits your unique driving habits.

If the warranty is coming to an end on your Volvo, but would like the extra peace of mind after it expires, we can take care of that too. The Volvo Service Drive Extended Service Contract program allows for vehicles as old as 11 model years prior to the current one, with mileage under 110,000 miles. 

All VIP Plans offer deductible options from $0 to $300. The Service Drive and Certified plans offer $200 deductibles, and all Service Contract plans offer a $100 "disappearing deductible". The disappearing deductible is an element that waives your deductible if you bring your vehicle in for service where you purchased the plan.


Your VIP Comprehensive Exclusionary Coverage Plan is designed to protect you against defects in materials and workmanship on just about every component of your vehicle. The VIP Comprehensive Exclusionary Coverage Plan also includes towing and Roadside Assistance through On Call® and offers rental car reimbursement coverage of $50 per day for up to six days on covered repairs.  Additionally, the plan is transferable to the subsequent owner when you are ready for your next Volvo.  You may cancel at any time.


VIP Covers hundreds of major components, including the more sophisticated components such as the antilock brake module and sensors, radio and speakers, automatic temperature control, load leveling suspension system, and speed control. Because so many parts and accessories are covered, it is easier to mention the items that are NOT covered.

VIP Comprehensive Plan Exceptions*

    1. Mechanical: Adjustments and Cleaning, Battery and Cables, Belts and Hoses, Brakes (Front and Rear Discs and Pads, Hubs and Parking Brake Linings), Exhaust Systems (including Catalytic Converter), Filters, Fluids (except in conjunction with a covered repair), Lights (Bulbs, Sealed Beam and Lenses), Lubricants, Manual Clutch Assembly, Shock Absorbers, Spark Plugs and Wires, Squeaks and Rattles, Tires, Tune-up, Wheel Balance and Alignment, Wiper Blades, Coolant and Wheel Studs

    2. Exterior: Adjustments (Glass and Body Parts), Bright Metal, Bumpers, Glass, Moldings, Paint, Rust, Sheet Metal, Side View Mirror(s) (Glass and Housing), Water Leaks, Wheel Covers and Ornaments, Wind Noise, Weatherstrips, Door Handles, Wheels and Outside Ornamentation

    3. Interior: Carpet, Rearview Mirror (Glass and Housing), Trim, Upholstery, Door and Window Handles, Dash Pad, Knobs, Clock, Buttons and Safety Restraint Systems

*Summary of the terms, conditions and exclusions. Coverage and benefits may vary by state. See your actual contract for details.

Note: The following items are not included in the Volvo Service Contract: Cleaning, Brake Discs, Hubs (locking hub assembly & hub bearings are listed as stated components), parking brake linings, side view mirrors, rearview mirror, door handles, door and window handles, dash pad, knobs, clock, buttons, safety restraint systems. Fill out the form below for more information.

Volvo Dashboard 


Enrolling in the VIP Stated Component Plan means you're covered against defects in materials and workmanship on many major vehicle components. VIP Stated Component Plan coverage includes towing through OnCall® and rental car reimbursement coverage of $50 per day for up to six days on covered repairs. In addition, the VIP Stated Component Plan is transferable to the subsequent owner when you are ready for your next Volvo. You may cancel at any time.

VIP Stated Component Coverage Plan coverage includes major components of the engine, transmission/transfer case, front and rear suspension, drive axle components, seals & gaskets, brakes, air conditioning, heating, fuel system, cooling system, steering system and electrical system.

*Prices and plans are subject to change without notice. Plan benefits and coverage may vary by state. For complete details, please refer to the plan provisions document. Contact us for more state-specific information about benefits and coverage.

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