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Have you ever dreamed of making your Volvo vehicle more dynamic and more powerful for a next-level driving experience? The guiding principle of Polestar Engineered Optimization is that your vehicle can always become faster and more balanced. Volvo Cars Cincinnati East is excited to introduce the lineup of Polestar Engineered Optimization products, each specially designed to transform your Volvo with precision tuning and enhanced performance.

Volvo Polestar Engineered

About Polestar Engineered

Polestar Engineered is the performance brand of the Volvo Car Group. Everything began with the desire of Polestar Racing engineers to adapt their successful race-winning innovations to perform in everyday Volvo vehicles. This tireless pursuit of excellence has earned praise from top critics across the industry. To date, over 150,000 Polestar Engineered Optimizations have been sold. If you're ready to unleash the full potential of your Volvo vehicle, there has never been a better time to consider Polestar Engine Optimization.


Why optimize a Volvo vehicle?

This service provides enhanced levels of both performance and pure driving pleasure without and making any sacrifices on the impeccable levels of safety that Volvo has been made world-famous for. These performance improvements and additional emotional value is then verified by a Polestar Rankmark. Simply put, your optimized Volvo will offer a faster, more intuitive, more precise, and more controlled driving experience.

Can my Volvo be optimized?

The short answer is: most likely! Over 2 million Volvo vehicles on the road today are eligible for Polestar Engineered Optimization. It's also important to remember that:

  • It does not change original warranties, safety, or fuel consumption.
  • It's quick and easy to install. Our optimizations take about an hour to install - and are always performed by authorized Volvo Cars technicians.
  • It adds an extra dimension to driver control making it more fun to drive.

How do the optimizations improve the driving experience?

By upgrading both engine and transmission software, the holistic approach to applying performance upgrades to key powertrain components delivers a truly unparalleled driving experience.

Volvo S60 Polestar Engineered

Six Upgrades Available

Working in harmony, 6 individual components of the Polestar Engineered Optimization deliver faster engine response and quicker acceleration.

Throttle response - Throttle response will be recalibrated to deliver enhanced feedback and accelerator reaction. You'll immediately feel the benefits in situations like accelerating out of corners or overtaking another vehicle on the highway.

Off throttle response - Specialized calibration between the engine and transmission helps to maintain RPM when you suddenly release the throttle. As a result, your vehicle will be quicker to respond instantly after heavy braking as you begin to accelerate again.

Gearshift speed - Gear change speed will be increased for quick upshifts and downshifts combined with shorter response times based on your input. This is also noticeable in instances where rapid acceleration is needed, such as passing a slower vehicle.

Gearshift precision and hold - Shift points will be adjusted and optimized to take advantage of mid-range engine power. The gear hold function maintains the same gear whenever possible. In situations involving high-speed cornering, avoiding unnecessary gear changes helps to keep the vehicle stable and offers faster acceleration.

Engine performance - Software updates help the engine maximize performance in the middle of the powerband. When entering the freeway from an on-ramp or exiting a corner, drivers will immediately appreciate the enhanced responsiveness of the engine.

Torque to the rear wheels - Vehicles equipped with an all-wheel drive system will have more torque directed to the rear wheels. The end result will be enhanced agility resulting from the torque transfer to provide a more neutral to slightly oversteered behavior. Your Volvo will be less susceptible to understeer, have enhanced turn-in capabilities, and greater engagement during cornering.