Volvo XC90 vs Lexus GX Comparison at Volvo Cars Cincinnati East

When it comes to luxury three-row SUVs, two of the most recognizable names in the segment are the Volvo XC90 and the Lexus GX. Buyers often prefer this class of vehicles for their commanding presence on the road, generously-sized interiors, and capable performance which helps them create lasting memories. If you're torn between these two SUVs, Volvo Cars Cincinnati East is here to help simplify your decision with this in-depth competitive comparison. Once you see all the advantages for the XC90, you'll understand why more and more drivers are choosing Volvo.

Volvo XC90 vs Lexus GX

Volvo XC90 Lexus GX 460

2023 Volvo XC90 B6 Core AWD


2023 Lexus GX 460 Luxury 4X4

$62,795 ✔




6.4 seconds ✔

0-60 Time

7.8 seconds
20 / 26 / 22 ✔

MPG (city/hwy/combined)

15 / 19 / 16
8 ✔

Transmission Speeds

20 inches ✔

Wheel Size

19 inches
Standard, Smart Device ✔

Remote Start

Not Available
12-Way Power (including side bolsters & cushion extensions) ✔

Front Seat Adjustments

8-Way Power
Standard ✔

Adaptive Cruise Control

85.7 cubic feet ✔

Max Cargo Capacity

64.7 cubic feet
3 Years / 36,000 Miles ✔

Scheduled Maintenance Coverage

1 Year / 10,000 Miles

From the very start, the Volvo XC90 enjoys a whopping $5,435 price advantage over the Lexus GX 460. As we continue, you'll see this initial value grow even larger when we compare feature content. In terms of performance, the GX 460 appears to have a slight advantage in power, but the 0-60 numbers show that the Volvo makes much better use of its power, and looking at the zero to 60 acceleration times, it isn't even close. Not only that, but the XC90 also gets noticeably better fuel economy, giving it the rare advantage in BOTH efficiency and performance.

Larger 20-inch alloy wheels give the XC90 a more commanding presence on the road compared to the smaller 19-inch wheels found on the GX 460. Activated by your compatible smart device, a standard remote start system ensures that you'll always enter a cabin that's comfortable. This great feature is not even available on the Lexus GX 460.

Volvo XC90 Interior Dashboard
Volvo XC90 Interior Seats

If comfort is a top priority, the clear choice is the Volvo XC90. Comparing the front seat adjustability of both SUVs, the XC90 comes equipped with 12-way power adjustable seats including powered side bolsters and cushion extensions for superlative comfort. The GX lacks both of these amenities and only features 8-way adjustability for its front seats. Helping to make stop-and-go traffic more manageable, the XC90 includes adaptive cruise control to help maintain an appropriate following distance relative to the vehicle in front of you.

Driving an XC90 means that you'll never have to leave that extra suitcase behind thanks to a cavernous 85.7 cubic feet of cargo capacity. That's over 20 cubic feet more than what's found inside the GX 460. Lastly, Volvo covers your first three scheduled maintenance visits so you can spend more time enjoying your drive and less time worrying about paying for maintenance. Lexus only includes one scheduled maintenance visit.

Car and Driver 2022 Editor's Choice Award

Car and Driver 2022 Editor's Choice Award - Volvo XC90

In naming the XC90 a 2022 Editors' Choice pick, the magazine praised the Volvo's "roomy and richly appointed interior."

IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Award

IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Award

Volvo has a long-standing reputation for safety that is reinforced by awards such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety IIHS) Top Safety Pick+ award. This is the most prestigious award offered by the institute, and signifies that a vehicle is one of the safest on the road today. Regardless of concerns about cost, fuel economy, and features, your family's safety should be your top priority - at Volvo, it's their top priority, too.

Winner - Volvo XC90

Winner - Volvo XC90

The results have been tallied and the obvious winner of this luxury SUV comparison is the Volvo XC90. Lexus simply cannot match the exceptional value, safety, luxury amenities, technology, and sophisticated style offered by the XC90. Our team at Volvo Cars Cincinnati East is standing by to help you choose the right model that's perfectly suited to your lifestyle and driving habits.